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Pune, Dec 4 – The role of teachers is going to be very important while competing with foreign universities in future, Dr Abhay Jere, vice-president of All India Council for Technical Education, said on Saturday.
He was speaking as the chief guest at the concluding ceremony of 28th Philosopher Santshree Dnhaneshwar-Santashree Tukaram Memorial Lecture Series organised under UNESCO Adhyasana in association with MIT World Peace University, Vishwashanti Center (Alandi), Myers MIT, Pune.

Speaking further, Dr Jere said, “In the year 2047, according to the Prime Minister, India will have to work towards becoming an advanced nation and a prosperous economic system. Today, India’s economy has reached almost four billion dollars. It has to reach almost 10 billion dollars.”

“Today the gig economy has started slowly in the world. In this, an employee can work at two to three places. Now, this method has started in the US with Microsoft. It will not take long to come to India. In the gig economy one has to work on projects. Then, we have to strengthen ourselves. The next generation is going to have to do a lot of hard work, so education should be in that regard,” he added.

“Thinking of the future, what will the Indian education system be like in the year 2047? Everyone should think about it. To survive in the global education system, we will compete with foreign universities. At that time, the role of teachers is very important,” he stated.