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Pune, Dec 4 – Dr. Neelam Gorhe, Deputy Chairperson of the Maharashtra Legislative Council, called upon social organizations to play a proactive role in preventing drought conditions in affected areas. Speaking at a drought relief workshop organized by the Maharashtra Drought Relief & Relief Programme Committee and Stri Aadhaar Centre Pune at the divisional commissioner’s office, Dr. Gorhe expressed regret over the necessity of conducting a workshop on drought-related issues and highlighted the forced declaration of drought at the taluka and mandal levels this year.

Commending the work of social organizations during the Covid pandemic, Dr. Gorhe stressed the importance of implementing various schemes, including the government’s employment guarantee and agriculture schemes, in drought-prone areas. She expressed satisfaction with the preparation of a drought-relief plan during the workshop.

Making an emotional appeal, Dr. Gorhe urged social organizations not to disconnect farmers’ pumps in villages facing shortages. She encouraged those interested in the employment guarantee scheme to fill out application forms and follow up with the collector’s office. Dr. Gorhe sought suggestions from social organizations on additional works to be included in the Employment Guarantee Scheme for government-level consideration.

Instructing organizations to focus on social security, Dr. Gorhe emphasized vigilance to prevent the abduction or exploitation of minor girls in drought-stricken areas. The workshop aimed to foster collaboration between social organizations and the government to effectively address and mitigate the impact of drought conditions.