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Lucknow, Nov 27: Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath emphasised on Monday that the sacrifice of the Sikh Gurus extended beyond the Khalsa Panth and was serving to protect both India and the faith.

While addressing an event organised on the 554th Prakash Parv of Guru Nanak Dev Maharaj at the Gurudwara in Ashiyana, Yogi said, “In an era when powerful kings and Maharajas submitted to Mughal dominance, the Sikh Gurus independently defended the nation and its faith on their own.”

He said, “Nothing in the world can defeat a nation and tradition that is so full of fighting spirit. The formation of the Khalsa Panth played a pivotal role in the downfall of the Mughal Sultanate. Today, Sikhs are present all over the world, but there is no trace of the power of the Mughals. This is the path of truth and religion.”

Extending his wishes to the people of the state on the occasion of Guru Parv, the CM stressed the exemplary qualities of renunciation, sacrifice, devotion, strength and meditation demonstrated by the Sikh Gurus serve as a model for both the nation and its faith.

Yogi underlined the global impact of Guru Nanak teachings, stating that the light of his wisdom has not only guided India, but has also reached every corner of the world.

He said that there were two sides to Guru Nanak Dev’s teachings, one for spiritual practice through devotion and the other for public welfare and national welfare through devotion.

The Chief Minister said, “Through devotion, Guru Nanak Dev raised his voice against the atrocities of Babar during that period. We get inspiration from Guru Nanak Dev to free ourselves from casteism and regressive thinking.”

He also mentioned the incident in Mecca, when Guru Nanak Dev taught ‘Ek Omkar’ to a Maulvi and emphasised that the Sikh religion encompasses the profound secrets of meditation.

Yogi said that the sacrifices of Guru Tegh Bahadur, Guru Gobind Singh, their four Sahibzadas and thousands of Sikhs who dedicated themselves to the cause of the country and religion. “These sacrifices offer a renewed strength and inspiration to the nation,” he said.

The Chief Minister said that Khalsa is not just a ‘panth’ (sect), it is a beam of light emanating from the grace of Guru for the protection of the country and religion. “This forced the foreign power to bow down,” he said.

Yogi recalled his privilege of organising the Sahibzada Day programme at the CM’s residence in 2020, which later evolved into a national-level event in 2022. “When we move forward with true determination, they are definitely fulfilled. The voice emanating from Lucknow became a nationwide one. There was a demand for Sahibzada Day for decades, which was fulfilled by Prime Minister Narendra Modi by deciding to celebrate December 26, 2022, as Veer Bal Diwas. Let us all, together, take inspiration from our history. Also remember those cruel and dark moments when cruelty was carried out, crossing all the heights of atrocities and barbarity,” he said.

The CM said, “Today we are working with full strength in an independent India. This is a humble tribute to our Sikh Gurus, who inspire us to face challenges.” He stressed that it is the duty of every Sikh and every Indian to strengthen the foundation laid by Guru Nanak, envisioning it as a path to national prosperity.”