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Hyderabad, Oct 26 — The Election Commission of India has issued comprehensive guidelines to ensure a free and fair electoral process in the upcoming general elections for the Telangana State Assembly. The measures focus on the verification of authentic voters, aiming to prevent impersonation and instill confidence in genuine voters.

As per the guidelines, voters must present their Electoral Photo Identity Card (EPIC) at the polling station. In case of unavailability, alternative photo identity documents are accepted, including Aadhaar Card, MNREGA Job Card, Passbooks with a photograph from a Bank or Post Office, and others.

The guidelines also address minor errors in EPIC, disregarding clerical mistakes in identification. If an EPIC from another Assembly Constituency is presented, it will be accepted if the voter’s name is listed in the local electoral roll.

For overseas electors, identification will be based solely on their original passport.

Additionally, the Commission will issue a ‘Voter Information Slip’ containing essential details about the polling station, date, and time. While this slip is not accepted as proof of voter identity, it aims to assist voters in the electoral process.