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Aizawl, Dec 14 – Mizoram Governor Hari Babu Kambhampati affirmed the government’s commitment to eradicate corruption during the inaugural session of the 9th Mizoram assembly on Wednesday.

Emphasising a zero-tolerance stance, he pledged a comprehensive and effective fight against corruption, announcing the provision of general consent for the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) to probe corruption cases in the state.

The governor highlighted the recent election outcome as indicative of the people’s desire for a new system, ‘Kalphung Thar,’ showcasing faith in the democratic process of change. Recognising the overwhelming mandate, Kambhampati affirmed the government’s dedication to inclusive growth, a new approach, and equitable development.

He outlined seven priority areas for the government over the next five years, focusing on responsible and responsive administration, sustainable development, industry support, social security, youth welfare, environmental protection, and transformative long-term projects.

Acknowledging the challenging fiscal situation, the governor announced austerity measures from the highest levels of public office, extending to the Chief Minister and other Ministers. Mobilising financial resources and maintaining fiscal discipline were identified as immediate priorities.

Kambhampati said the upcoming state budget would align with people’s aspirations, ensuring allocations based on commitments. The budgetary process would be simplified for public understanding, with a separate allocation for farmers engaged in agriculture and allied sectors.

To boost entrepreneurship and create employment opportunities, a hand-holding policy named ‘Bana Kaih’ would support the deserving youth in starting ventures. The government is committed to fixing remunerative prices and initiating procurement of ginger, turmeric, chillies, and broomsticks in the current financial year.

The governor extended warm felicitations to elected members, especially those elected for the first time, noting the unprecedented election of three women MLAs. He expressed confidence in their positive impact on women’s lives in the state.

Looking ahead, the new government pledged to enhance bureaucratic confidence and morale, fostering a transparent and citizen-friendly approach. The emphasis on innovation and accountability included revisiting government systems, addressing manpower gaps, excesses, and deficiencies in various departments.