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Hyderabad, Dec 20 – Bharat Rashtra Samithi (BRS) working president, K. Taraka Rama Rao (KTR), on Tuesday stated that Congress promises, and its leaders are misleading the public.

While taking to social media platform ‘X ‘to pose a series of questions regarding the poll promises made by the Congress party, KTR directed his questions to Karnataka Chief Minister Siddaramaiah, seeking clarification on the commitment to fulfill the promises made by the Congress party.
Earlier in the day, KTR posted about a viral video featuring Siddaramaiah, where the Chief Minister was heard stating that there is a lack of funds to deliver on the poll promises.

“No money to deliver poll promises/guarantees says Karnataka CM! Is this the future template for Telangana too after successfully hoodwinking the people in elections? Aren’t you supposed to do basic research and planning before making outlandish statements?”, KTR tweeted.

Responding to KTR’s tweet, Siddaramaiah claimed that the video was allegedly edited. However, KTR, in turn, took a dig at Siddaramaiah, reminding him of the poll promises and the December 9th deadline mentioned during the election campaign.

KTR stated, “We’ve lost the election because your party shamelessly misled the people of Telangana with fake promises. December 9th, 2023, has passed, but where is the Rythu Bharosa promised to farmers, tenant farmers, and farm laborers? What happened to the Rs 2 Lakhs Farm Loan Waiver, Rs 4000 welfare pension, Rs 500 Gas Cylinder, and Rs 2500 promised to every woman? Where is the decision on Mega DSC announcement in the first cabinet and providing legal sanctity to 6 guarantees in the first cabinet? Are these promises fake, or are your party leaders who promised these schemes fake?”

KTR also questioned Siddaramaiah about the reasons for the Congress party’s losses in three other states in recent polls.