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Chennai, Dec 20 – Consequent to the request by the State Administration after flood-like situation in Southern Tamilnadu, Dakshin Bharat Area under the Southern Command of Indian Army immediately rushed a column HADR of 23 Maratha Light Infantry for the relief measures.

The team on reaching close to the flooded district of Tuticorin, assisted over 150 people (including a pregnant woman and 19 children, including 03 infants) in moving to safe zones, well past the sunset, in the Vasaipuram village on December 18. The next day, the column was directed to move to the severely affected Srivaikundam village of Tuticorin, a defence release on Tuesday said.

But the movement was proved to be difficult, with roads being washed away and areas being cut off, leading to column being split into two and moved on foot.

On the way Srivaikundam, one team undertook a rescue operation in Nanalkadu area assisted over 400 people in getting safe shelter, and also provided them basic medical care and food. The other team is approaching Srivaikundam and is 2 Kilometres short of the affected area by 1700 hrs today.
In the meantime, the second column of Madras Regimental Center has reached the general area of
Antonyarpuram and is trying to reach the other side of road via BAUT (Boat Assault Universal Type) and first column is doing recce to find an alternate route to reach people in distress.