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Hyderabad, Dec 20 – Telangana Transport and Backward Class Minister Ponnam Prabhakar expressed strong criticism towards the Centre, likening its behavior to that of a dictator.

Addressing the media at Gandhi Bhavan, Prabhakar voiced his displeasure over the suspension of 77 opposition MPs, questioning Parliament security lapses. He alleged that the accused had obtained passes with the endorsement of the BJP, insinuating that the party was shielding them. Prabhakar further questioned the delay in taking action against the accused even after a week.

Emphasizing the need for a discussion on Parliament security, Prabhakar demanded the revocation of the suspension imposed on the opposition members.

He stated, “BRS leaders should understand that the Government has changed. If the BRS tenure was a golden rule, why are many people now standing in the Praja Vani queue?. The Congress Government is committed to fulfilling all promises without a doubt,” clarifying the government’s stance.