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Chhatrapati Sambhaijnagar, Dec 13 – Just like respiratory issues, cardiac problems were on the rise especially in youngsters this year, and in a few years, India may have the highest percentage of cardiac patients worldwide, according to an expert.

The number of cardiac cases in India is going up due to the country’s rapidly increasing annual rate of heart illness, says Consultant Interventional Cardiologist, Dr Tukaram Aute of Medicover Hospital.

In a press statement, Dr Aute stated that the number of heart attacks and other cardiac problems is higher in urban than rural regions, it is still important to respect every life, regardless of location, and appropriate awareness is needed in all areas.

Personalised treatments, public awareness initiatives, and early diagnostic testing must all must be prioritised in a complete heart health strategy. 2024 calls for a plan of action to curb the mortality and morbidity rates due to heart attacks in the country, he said.

Heart attacks and sudden cardiac arrests (SCA) among young people have increased alarmingly in recent years, nixing the long-held belief that cardiovascular disease mostly affects the elderly, he stated.
Several studies have reported a significant increase in the number of deaths resulting from sudden cardiac arrest in people under the age of 50.
Factors contributing to the alarming rise in SCA and heart attacks among youth are multifaceted and complex.

The contributing factors include sedentary lifestyle, Diabetes, excessive alcohol, tobacco intake and smoking, lack of early diagnosis, fast-paced and stressed environment, hypertension, abnormal gene mutation (Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy), he added.