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Hyderabad, Dec 20 – Junior Doctors engaged in discussions with Health Minister Damodara Rajanarsimha, leading to a successful resolution of their concerns.

During the meeting held on Tuesday, Minister Damodara Rajanarsimha assured the junior doctors that their stipend would be released by the 15th of every month addressing a key point of contention.

He further pledged to address the overall issues faced by the junior doctors promptly.

In response to the minister’s assurances, the junior doctors expressed their commitment not to proceed with the proposed strike.

Speaking to the media after the meeting, they conveyed the minister’s commitment to lay the foundation stone of the new Osmania Hospital building within two months.

Additionally, the minister assured the expansion of hostel facilities in line with the increased number of seats.

The junior doctors also revealed that there are 46 Diplomate of National Board (DNB) trainees statewide, and they have received assurances regarding their stipends.