Shweta Mantri

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Hyderabad, Dec 19 – Uber on Monday rolled out the round-trip feature on its flagship long-distance product, Intercity.

The new feature will allow passengers to book single or multi-day return on outstation travels with Uber, while retaining the same car and the driver, the company said in a release.
The fare for round trips includes waiting time and overnight lodging fees (for multi-day trips) to ensure the drivers are compensated for their time.

The feature, live across all cities, empowers users with a much higher level of flexibility and convenience on their business or leisure trips. Riders can now book outstation round trips for as many as 5 days.
The vehicle and the driver will be with the rider through the duration, with the enhanced flexibility of adding stops as they go.

The option to reserve rides up to 90 days in advance has been designed to help in better journey planning for planned, outstation travel.
The feature is beneficial for drivers, too, as this gives them the option to lock in higher earnings and plan their days ahead.

Commenting on the launch of the new feature, Shweta Mantri, Head of New Mobility, said, “Outstation travel in taxis has largely been an unorganised market so far, and Intercity round trips change that game entirely with the host safety and tracking features available on all Uber rides. We are excited to redefine the future of long-distance road travel.”

This will also further eliminate the obligation to manually book a local taxi service for a travel journey; with the added advantage of tracking the journey through the app, making the trip safer and much more reliable