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Agartala, Dec 14 – As part of its organisational revival strategy, the Tripura Pradesh Congress Committee has decided to launch a month-long door-to-door campaign against BJP-led governments in both the centre and state starting Friday, said the party’s state president, Ashis Kumar Saha.

The campaign will highlight the failure of the government to secure public safety and economic rights, the price rise of essential commodities, massive corruption in the administration, and nepotism by the saffron party that made the sufferings multiple, he alleged.

Besides, the campaign will be accompanied by a membership drive to enroll more people in the Congress fold, as Saha claimed that the people of the country have tried to see the vendetta politics of the saffron party and that the entire democratic system has turned into a political deal with the BJP.

Saha said the party will seek public support for a 17-point charter of demands against the BJP government as the people of Tripura were completely upset with the total failure of the BJP-led government in Tripura for the last six years.

“At present, both dignity and respect for the common people have been eroded. The right to life has been whittled away. From women’s safety to employment, from the poor state of education to the breakdown of health services, everything is at stake. The administration, law and order, and police surveillance are virtually absent from the governance of the state,” he stated.

Since the BJP came to power in Tripura, it has lost all political etiquette and culture.

Leaders of the ruling party are given a place in the cabinet at all government functions in the name of social workers but the legislators of the opposition in the area or prominent citizens are not getting space.

Clubs in almost every neighbourhood have been handed over to the leaders of the ruling party.

All the institutions and organisations, including various social institutions, market committees, and temple committees, have now been in the hands of the BJP cadres, who use them as tools of their business, he alleged.

More concerning, the names of ruling party leaders have been associated with human trafficking and drug smuggling rackets but there is no statement from the Chief Minister; rather, in some cases, the ruling party leaders facilitated their release from police and dropped their names from the criminal charges, Saha added.