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Chennai, Oct 26: In a tragic discovery, the lifeless body of a male tiger was found near a stream at Amaravathi range, located within the Annamalai Tiger Reserve (ATR). The tiger is estimated to be around nine years old, and its carcass showed signs of external injuries.

The forest department patrol team made the unsettling find, raising concerns about the circumstances surrounding the tiger’s demise. Upon closer inspection, it was observed that the injuries on the adult tiger may have been caused by a confrontation, possibly with a porcupine.

The autopsy report revealed swollen front limbs and a portion of the chest, indicating signs of infection caused by quill piercings. The encounter with the porcupine might have led to complications, ultimately contributing to the tiger’s demise.

In adherence to the established protocols outlined by the National Tiger Conservation Authority, the carcass was cremated. The solemn procedure took place in the presence of ATR Field Director S. Ramasubramanian and representatives from non-governmental organizations.

This incident highlights the ongoing challenges faced by wildlife in their natural habitats, underscoring the need for continued conservation efforts to protect and preserve endangered species like tigers in the Annamalai Tiger Reserve.