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Hyderabad, Dec 16 – Telangana Governor Dr Tamilisai Soundararajan stated in the house on Friday that the past government (BRS) has only confined itself to ‘propaganda.

’The previous government (BRS) made the elected representatives of the local bodies nominal without any power or value, ‘Dr Tamilisai said while addressing the members of both Houses of Legislature here.

”It had not paid the bills for the works that they had completed, putting them in severe debts, ” She said that we have seen some of these local body representatives committing suicides.

“ My government ( Congress led-Revanth Reddy government ) will set the situation right” and the government will take each village as a unit and plan accordingly for their development, she said.

She said, “My government’s main aim is to strengthen farmers economically, thereby making each and every village prosperous.”

Local body representatives will be given their due respect, she said.

In the last nine and a half years, all the institutions have been destroyed, and my government has decided to change this trend and situation.

We will restore the core values of the legislature and executive, and our government will not discriminate with regard to development. Dr Tamilisai said that any legislator from any party can seek help and cooperation for the development of their assembly constituencies.

The secretariat will not be a mere decorative symbol, and we will respect the constitutional institutions. This is not a feudal rule. We will instill confidence in people that this is real democracy, the government added.

“My government believes in more action and fewer words, and you will see this change in the days, months, and years to come,” she said in her 20-minute speech.

In her concluding speech, the governor said, ” Let us remember and pay our tributes to all the martyrs, fighters, and unsung heroes of Telangana and dedicate ourselves for the all-round development of Telangana state.