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Sri City (Tirupati Dist, Andhra Pradesh), Nov 29 – In a commendable display of collaborative efforts, the nation rejoices as all 41 workers who got trapped within the Silkyari tunnel in Uttarakhand were successfully evacuated last night.

The culmination of this challenging 17-day multi-agency rescue mission saw the pivotal involvement of BeRolleX, an industry based in Sri City, Andhra Pradesh.

The turning point occurred on November 25, when the on-site crew encountered a challenge with the stuck Auger drilling machine.

Faced with this obstacle, the overseeing authorities reached out to Dr. Satheesh Reddy, the former Chairman of the DRDO, who, in turn, mobilized expert agencies to find a solution.

Responding promptly to the call for assistance, Y. Srinivas Reddy, the Managing Director of BeRolleX Industries, proposed the use of plasma-based cutting as the most effective method. Within a remarkable three-hour timeframe, BeRolleX readied two portable plasma cutting machines, one for operations and another as a standby, capable of maneuvering inside an 800 mm-diameter pipe.

Additionally, Srinivas Reddy dispatched a three-member expert team, which includes Santosh Kumar, Ajay Shaw, and Nagaraju.

In a swift and coordinated effort, the government arranged for a special Indian Air Force aircraft to transport the plasma cutters and the expert team. Once on-site, the expert cutter successfully navigated the pipeline, cutting the Auger blades within a few hours.

Dr. Ravindra Sannareddy, Founder and Managing Director of Sri City, expressed deep appreciation for Srinivas Reddy’s rapid response and the expert team’s invaluable assistance, stating, “We are honored to have BeRolleX as a member of the Sri City fraternity.

The swift cutting of the Auger blades played a pivotal role in overcoming a significant obstruction and advancing the 800-mm-diameter pipe, facilitating the manual clearance of residual debris and enabling the timely rescue of workers.

On-site, Bhaskar Kulbe and other senior officials of the Uttarakhand government expressed their gratitude to Srinivas Reddy, acknowledging his innovative ideas, swift reaction, and prompt assistance.

Operating in Sri City for the past six years, BeRolleX, an Indian manufacturing company, specialises in the engineering sector.