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Kolhapur, Nov 27 – The Kolhapur district police have initiated legal proceedings against Kantilal Premchand Chordiya, a business partner of Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) chief Sharad Pawar, along with four others. The criminal case revolves around the acquisition of 20 ‘guntha’ land in the prestigious Shivaji Park area in 2006, with allegations of using counterfeit documents.

Jitendra Rachojirao Jadhav (64), a resident of Belgaum (Karnataka), who claimed ownership of the land in Shivaji Park, filed a complaint with the Shahupuri police station. According to Jadhav, he entrusted the land documents to Babasaheb Ganesh Desai, who, in 1988, purportedly sold the land illegally to Chordiya, Babasaheb Jadhav, and Nitin Chaugule, despite an ongoing land case in court.

The matter came to light when Jadhav, seeking information under the Right to Information Act, discovered the alleged fraudulent transaction. Shocked by the revelation, he approached the Shahupuri police, resulting in the registration of a cheating case against Chordiya and four others, including the then sub-registrar S B Patil, who facilitated the registration of the land in their names in 2006.

The Shahupuri police are currently conducting a thorough investigation into the matter. The case raises questions about the legality of the land transaction and the alleged use of forged documents, adding a layer of controversy involving a prominent business figure associated with a political leader.