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Sangli, Oct 26 — In a significant operation, the Sangli district police seized a substantial cache of Goa-made foreign liquor and apprehended a truck driver on the Pune-Bengaluru National Highway. The combined value of the seized goods, including the liquor and the truck, is estimated at Rs 75 lakh.

The Local Crime Branch (LCB) personnel executed the operation, laying a trap at Peth Naka in Islampur tehsil on the Kolhapur-Sangli border. The suspicious-looking truck was intercepted and thoroughly searched. The outcome revealed a staggering discovery of 48 thousand bottles of foreign Goa-made liquor, valued at Rs 60 lakh.

The LCB officials, led by their proactive efforts, not only confiscated the significant quantity of illicit liquor but also impounded the truck, valued at Rs 15 lakh. The truck driver, identified as Salman Makandar, a resident of Daflapur in Jat tehsil of Sangli district, was arrested in connection with the illegal transportation of the contraband.

This operation underscores the persistent efforts of law enforcement agencies in curbing the illegal trade of foreign liquor, ensuring the safety and well-being of the community. The seized items have been documented and are now part of an ongoing investigation.

The Sangli Police remains committed to maintaining the integrity of the region and will continue to take stringent actions against those involved in the illicit trade of alcohol, safeguarding the interests of the community and upholding the law.

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