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Nagpur, Dec 16 – Leaders of the Opposition parties in Maharashtra took a symbolic stand against the state government’s handling of unemployment and exam paper leaks during a protest at the Vidhan Bhavan on the sixth day of the winter session in the Legislative Assembly.

Leader of Opposition in the Legislative Council, Ambadas Danve, along with legislators Satej Patil and Sachin Ahir, led the protest by bringing utensils and pakoras to highlight their concerns. The opposition leaders gathered on the steps of the Vidhan Bhavan, using the frying of ‘pakoras’ as a symbolic representation of their critique.

During the demonstration, slogans were raised against the government, emphasizing their dissatisfaction with the current situation. Speaking to reporters, Danve expressed his concern over the increasing number of unemployed youths in the state. He pointed out that despite the government’s continuous advertising of job opportunities, there has been a failure to fill the existing vacancies.

The opposition leaders accused the government of not effectively addressing the unemployment issue and raised questions about its commitment to providing employment opportunities. The symbolic act of frying ‘pakoras’ served as a visual representation of their discontent with the current state of affairs.

The ongoing winter session in the state Assembly has become a platform for discussions and protests, with leaders actively voicing their concerns on various issues affecting the people of Maharashtra. The focus on unemployment and exam paper leaks underscores the urgency of addressing these challenges in the interest of the state’s youth and the overall well-being of the population.