Ambadas Danve

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Nagpur, Dec 20 – Leader of the Opposition in the Maharashtra Legislative Council, Ambadas Danve, on Tuesday raised issue of unfair treatment being given to the Marathwada region in equitable distribution of water from upstream dams in Nashik and Ahmednagar districts, demanding to know why Marathwada always had to struggle for rightful quota of water.

Speaking on issue in the upper house, he said that as per recommendations of the Mendhegiri Committee, the Godavari Irrigation Development Corporation (GIDC) should allocate equitable water to the water-deficient region from upstream dams in the two districts.

He further said that GIDC had ordered to release 8.30 TMC of water in Marathwada’s Jayakwadi dam from upstream dams in Nashik and Ahmednagar districts on October 30 and the state government was also in favour of providing equitable water to Marathwada, he said.

Despite this, some local elected representatives from Nashik and Ahmednagar districts filed petitions in the Bombay High Court and the Supreme Court against provision of water, LoP informed the House.
As per the order of the Supreme Court, the state government had given an assurance that it would ensure that Marathwada gets the rightful water, he said.

The responsibility of releasing above-mentioned quota of water was with chief engineer, North Maharashtra, Nashik Region, however, these officials caused inordinate delays and often refrained from releasing water every year, creating conflict between Marathwada and North Maharashtra regions, he charged.

Making this allegation in the upper house, Danve demanded an explanation from the state government as to how it plans to find a permanent solution to this conflict.