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Mumbai, Dec 20 – A new family court building is anticipated to grace Mumbai by the end of 2024, introducing 17 additional courts and addressing the current strain on the judicial system. Currently, the city relies on a single family court building situated in the Bandra area.

With an estimated cost of nearly Rs160 crore, the project is designed as a ‘green building,’ emphasizing eco-friendly materials. Notably, the new structure will feature a dedicated court for ‘vulnerable witness deposition’ in adherence to Supreme Court guidelines. Additionally, an auditorium will be included to facilitate various programs organized by the family court regularly.

Sashi Nair, president of the bar association of the family court, highlighted the pressing need for additional courts, stating, “Ideally, one court should be allotted 500 cases. However, we have seven judges dealing with more than 2,000 cases each, resulting in delays.”

The establishment of the new court is expected to alleviate the burden on litigants and advocates, providing a more efficient and timely resolution to family-related cases.