Former Infosys CFO Mohandas Pai

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Bengaluru, Nov 30 – Former Infosys CFO Mohandas Pai on Thursday questioned whether Hyderabad is dethroning Bengaluru’s IT status due to the continued neglect of the city by successive governments over the last 10 years.

“Will Hyderabad Dethrone Bangalore’s IT Status? continued neglect of Bengaluru by successive govts over the last ten years has led to this. Hope the government shows more energy to improve the city,” he said tagging Karnataka CMO, CM Siddaramaiah and DyCM DK Shivakumar on his official X handle.

These comments came a day after the inauguration of 2023 Bengaluru Tech Summit (BTS) by Karnataka Chief Minister Siddaramaiah and IT Minister Priyank Kharge.

However, Priyank Kharge countered Pai by saying that the comments were a part of a misinformation campaign and asked the former Infosys CFO whether he was making all his investments in Bengaluru.

“It is my challenge to Pai. Let him name one company that left Karnataka,” he added.

Priyank said it is normal for the companies to invest in different cities, but emphasised the government’s efforts to woo investments and shifting the companies in the state.

He also questioned Pai’s contribution to the development of Bengaluru city when he assumed the charge of a vision group set up by the BJP government.