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Shillong, Nov 29 – In response to concerns about a potential disruption in fuel supply, Meghalaya’s Food Civil Supplies and Consumer Affairs Minister, Comingone Ymbon, reassured the public that the state has an ample stock of petrol and diesel. The assurance comes amid the North East Petroleum Mazdoor Union’s (NEPMU) decision to halt fuel transportation to Meghalaya from November 29, citing alleged harassment by the police.

Minister Ymbon urged residents not to panic, emphasizing that a meeting has been scheduled between NEPMU members and the government at Nongpoh, the district headquarters of Ri-Bhoi, on Wednesday. The purpose of the meeting is to address the issues raised by the union and find a resolution.

“We will resolve the issues, and there won’t be any breakage of supply,” assured Minister Ymbon.

However, in the event that the meeting does not yield a resolution and the strike extends beyond 2-3 days, Minister Ymbon stated that respective Deputy Commissioners would be instructed to regulate petrol and diesel supply within their jurisdictions.

The NEPMU had raised concerns about alleged mistreatment of oil tanker drivers and helpers during a police raid conducted in Ri-Bhoi district since November 24. The union claimed that tanker crews were subjected to unwarranted detention and harassment, leading to fears and disruptions in the transportation of petroleum products to Meghalaya.

While expressing cooperation with authorities on cases involving malpractices, the NEPMU emphasized the need to avoid harassment of innocent individuals. The union called for a fair and lawful approach in handling such matters.

In contrast, the Shillong Petroleum Dealers Association commended the Meghalaya police for their swift action against illegal activities related to petroleum theft and adulteration along the National Highway. The association’s president, Kennedy Cornelius Khyriem, urged the public not to panic, assuring them of sufficient fuel stocks in petrol pumps. He also mentioned that the government has assured police escort for oil tankers traveling from Assam to Meghalaya.

As the meeting between NEPMU and the government unfolds, residents and businesses are hopeful for a swift resolution to ensure the uninterrupted supply of fuel in the state.