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Mumbai, Nov 29 – Five houses collapsed after a gas cylinder exploded in a house in the Chembur area of Mumbai on Wednesday morning, local authorities said.

Although their circumstances are steady, eleven individuals were saved, according to local authorities.

The explosion that occurred around 8 a.m. at Old Barracks near the Golf Club area led to the collapse of several four- to five-story houses.

Visuals from the spot show the destroyed houses with collapsed staircases and portions of balconies hanging in the air.

Locals reported that there was a gas cylinder blast, which led to the structure collapsing.

The injured people were taken to the government-run Shatabdi hospital in private vehicles.

Vikas Ambhore (50), Ashok Ambhore (27), Savita Ambhore (47), Rohit Ambhore (29), Rahul Kamble (35), and Parth Singh (21) were among the injured.

According to Shatabdi Hospital’s medical officer, Dr. Kedar, all injured patients’ conditions are stable.