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Nagpur, Dec 13 – Both houses of the state legislature on Tuesday approved the supplementary demands of Rs 55,520.77 crore presented by Maharashtra Deputy Chief Minister and Finance Minister Ajit Pawar.
Supplementary demands were tabled in the legislature on the first day of the winter session of the legislature. They were discussed in detail in the House yesterday (on Monday) and today.

Responding to the discussion in the Legislative Council, the Deputy Chief Minister said that although the gross supplementary demands appear to be of Rs 55,520.77 crore, actual net burden is only of Rs 48,384.66 crore.

Out of Rs 55,520.77 crore gross supplementary demands, Rs 19,244.34 crore are for compulsory expenditure and Rs 32,792.81 crore for expenditure under various programmes, he informed.
He said that the matching grant of the Centre’s schemes is also included in these supplementary demands.

Pawar expressed confidence that increased revenue and fiscal deficit due to supplementary demands would be reduced by the end of the year by increasing revenue sources and controlling actual expenditure, he added.