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Ramnagar, Oct 2: Senior BJP leader CP Yogeshwar, who had brought down the JDS-Congress government in 2019, on Monday claimed that the present Congress government would fall after Sankranthi festival in January.

“Many MLAs probably do not trust this government. They have become unemployed as there is no work because the government is not giving them funds. There are no funds with the government because of the implementation of guarantee schemes. I feel the Congress legislators are coming to a decision to come out of the party.” .

“You will see for yourselves the repercussions of these developments after the Sankranthi festival,” Yogeshwar said in reply to a reporter’s query.

He said there was “disgruntlement” among the party MLAs, especially the Lingayat legislators, who have “expressed their ire”.

Referring to 92-year-old Congress leader Shivashankarappa’s public annoyance over the ruling party giving a “raw deal” to Lingayat leaders, Yogeshwar said: “There is meaning in Shamnur Shivshankarappa’s statement”.

Moreover, senior Congress leader BK Hariprasad, who has missed out on a cabinet berth, has pressed for either a Dalit or Scheduled Tribe DyCMs, like Dr G Parameshwara and Satish Jarkiholi.

For these comments, Hariprasad was issued a notice seeking clarification over his disparaging remarks against Siddaramaiah government by party high command.

Prior to this, in July as well, Hariprasad had made a veiled attack on Siddaramaiah by saying, “I know how to make CM and how to bring him down. I do not beg from anyone. I will stand with my chest. Becoming a minister is a different question.”

Recently another Karnataka minister KH Muniyappa asked the more than one time ministers to give way for freshers.

Moreover, Karnataka Cooperation Minister KN Rajanna has called for the appointment of three more deputy chief ministers to help the party raise its prospects in the upcoming Lok Sabha elections.