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New Delhi, Dec 20 – The duty to render justice is not confined to the judiciary alone. The Constitution obligates the Executive and the Legislature to take measures that promote justice, said former Chief Justice NV Ramana.

Speaking at a ceremony for the presentation of the inaugural “Fight for Justice” Awards organised by the Delhi High Court Bar Association in New Delhi on Monday, Justice Ramana said, “We have one of the best constitutions in the world, and yet large sections of our society have to struggle for basic rights such as clean air, clean water, and livelihood. We are one the largest economies in the world, and yet a significant portion of our people live below the poverty line.”

Mankind has always cherished ‘Justice’ which is the fundamental aspect of law, philosophy, ethics, and religion. It is one of the attributes that makes us ‘human’. Life without ‘justice’ would be arbitrary and devoid of meaning. Man takes up any endeavour on the premise that he would be appropriately rewarded for his efforts. Similarly, if he suffers an injury, he seeks to understand its cause and tries to remedy it. Without justice, the world would be in a state of anarchy. Thus, a system of justice is essential for the survival of any civilised society, Justice Ramana said.

“In the last few decades, there have been radical changes in technology and the global economy. The world is increasingly becoming materialistic, and humans have become self-absorbed. The focus is on – “I, me, myself”. Our sense of duty towards our neighbours, community, and society is fast eroding and is being replaced by our greed to acquire more. Despite an environment which values only economic prosperity.”

Congratulating the Awardees, Justice Ramana said, it is heartening to see public-spirited individuals from diverse backgrounds, who have tirelessly fought for just causes. These exceptional personalities have fought for matters that affect our daily lives, including the protection of the environment, rehabilitation of persons affected by tragedies, enforcement of labour laws, and safeguarding of the rights of women and children. They have become the unheard voice of the oppressed people. It is through them that the hard realities of society have come to the limelight.

Among the Awardees is Neelam Krishnamoorthy (who fought against business giant Ansals in the Uphaar Tragedy case). Neelam Kataria, Asha Devi (Nirbhaya’s mother), Shayra Bano (Triple Talak) Annie Nagraj and Priya Khurana (Administration and Governance) Bezwada Wilson (Labour Laws), Abdul Jabbar, Saira Bano( environment) Nipun Malhotra (specially abled persons) Bachpan Bachao Andolan (Child Rights).
The awardees were chosen by an eminent jury, which included Former Delhi High Court Chief Justice Rajendra Menon, Justice Kailash Gambhir and Justice Challa Kodanda Ram. The jury also includes Senior Advocates Mr Vikas Pahwa, Mr Mohit Mathur and Mr BK Gupta, who was the former Commissioner of Police, in Delhi.