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Srinagar, Oct 26: The International Film Festival of Srinagar (TIFFS) commenced on Wednesday, dedicated to honoring the legendary Bollywood actor Dev Anand on his 100th birth anniversary. The two-day event features over 200 films from 37 countries, showcasing 17 outstanding films, including feature films, short films, and documentaries.

Deputy Commissioner of Srinagar, Aijaz Asad, inaugurated TIFFS at Tagore Hall in Srinagar. Organized by RIFK Entertainment in collaboration with Vomedh, a cultural organization, the film festival aims to place Srinagar City on the map of the International Film Festival Circuit and pay tribute to Dev Anand’s cinematic legacy.

During the opening ceremony, Deputy Commissioner Aijaz Asad congratulated the organizers for hosting the “International Film Festival of Srinagar” and commended the qualifying entries. He expressed hope that such initiatives would provide a platform for local youth to learn film concepts and the art of acting, directing, and production, encouraging them to showcase their cinematic talent nationally and internationally.

Aijaz Asad emphasized the strong connection between Bollywood, Kashmir, and cinema, stating that Kashmir has historically been a production hub for Bollywood, with the local population significantly associated with the film industry. He highlighted the role of cinema in promoting tourism by showcasing the scenic and culturally rich locations of the Kashmir Valley.

The Deputy Commissioner also underscored the significance of the Film Policy launched by the J&K Government to create a vibrant film ecosystem in Jammu & Kashmir. The Film Policy aims to simplify and incentivize the grant of permissions for film production through a single-window mechanism.

During the event, a brochure titled “The International Film Festival of Srinagar (TIFFS)” was released by the Deputy Commissioner. The opening ceremony featured prominent personalities, including Bollywood Producer Director B Subhash, Festival Director TIFFS Rohit Bhat, Advisor Vomedh Sanjay Saraf, and Bharat Bushan Bhat, along with art and cinema enthusiasts.

A special tribute was dedicated to the legendary Bollywood actor Dev Anand on his 100th birth anniversary, celebrating his remarkable contributions to Indian cinema.