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Hyderabad, Dec 6 – FedEx Express, a leading express transportation company and subsidiary of FedEx Corp., has inaugurated its first Advanced Capability Community (ACC) in Hyderabad. This milestone marks FedEx’s commitment to harnessing exceptional talent in India to drive digital transformation and innovation.

The launch ceremony was attended by Raj Subramaniam, President and CEO of FedEx Corporation, and Richard Smith, President and CEO of Airline and International at FedEx Express. The ACC in Hyderabad is envisioned as a hub for technological and digital innovation, aligning with the strategic emphasis of the Telangana government on nurturing a thriving pool of tech talent.

Raj Subramaniam stated, “This investment in talent and innovation is part of our broader plan to drive excellence and deliver unparalleled smart logistics solutions worldwide. By leveraging an exceptional talent pool, we are accelerating digital transformation and delivering innovative solutions to our customers.”

The FedEx ACC in Hyderabad is not only expected to boost employment opportunities but will also contribute to the development of new capabilities, meeting the technological requirements of FedEx operations worldwide. This initiative is a pivotal step in FedEx’s global strategy, initiating a network of such communities worldwide to fuel the company’s growth and expansion.

The ACC’s focus on digital innovation aligns with the global trend of transforming supply chain operations through advanced technologies. As FedEx pioneers this effort in Hyderabad, it sets the stage for further collaboration between the private sector and the government to foster technological advancements and talent development.

With its strategic location in Hyderabad, the ACC is poised to become a center of excellence in digital solutions, playing a crucial role in enhancing the global supply chain ecosystem. This development showcases FedEx’s commitment to leveraging India’s technological expertise and contributing to the country’s position as a key player in the global digital landscape.

As the ACC becomes operational, it is expected to drive advancements in logistics technology, enhance operational efficiency, and contribute to the overall growth of the logistics and transportation industry in India.

This inauguration reinforces FedEx’s position as a leader in the express transportation sector, pioneering innovation and digital transformation to meet the evolving needs of the global supply chain.