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Hyderabad, Nov 28 – Dr Laxman, Parliamentary Board Member and OBC Morcha National President, illuminated the unpredictable nature of public sentiment towards the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) on the eve of the Telangana Assembly elections scheduled for November 30.

Talking to the media on Tuesday, he emphasized that people are demonstrating immense faith in Prime Minister Modi. He said that the BJP’s manifesto is being considered as a holy book by the electorate, indicating a high level of trust. Dr. Laxman noted that people are seeking product-based incentives.

He said the Prime Minister’s road show and meetings witnessed a positive reception with a substantial turnout, showcasing the effectiveness of the campaign strategy.

Expressing the sentiment on the ground, Dr Laxman stated that people have lost faith in the six guarantees of the Congress. Additionally, fatigue has set in regarding Chief Minister KCR’s continuous dissemination of lies and unfulfilled promises.

Dr Laxman emphasised that the BJP’s manifesto contains plausible promises designed to address the long-term interests of the people of Telangana.

Drawing attention to the financial state of Telangana, Dr. Laxman cautioned against the state becoming a victim of its debt burden.

A serious allegation was made regarding the funding of election advertisements in Telangana, purportedly with money from the people of Karnataka, prompting concerns about financial integrity.

Dr Laxman revealed that Backward Classes (BCs), Scheduled Castes (SCs), and women have collectively pledged their support to the BJP in the coming election.

Addressing concerns about religious bias, Dr Laxman clarified that the BJP stands against none, and misleading propaganda will not influence the discerning voters of Telangana.

Dr Laxman criticised the unconstitutional nature of establishing a Muslim park and called for consequences for parties making such announcements.

The Congress campaign drew criticism for allegedly spending crores of rupees with funds from Karnataka, raising questions about the transparency of financial transactions.

Dr Laxman discredited historical performance claims by Congress, stating that the party has never won 60 seats in the history of Telangana. He also dismissed the credibility of fake and paid surveys.

He appealed to the Election Commission to pay close attention to parties making unconstitutional promises, emphasizing the need for fair and transparent election.