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Patna, Dec.01 – Senior BJP leader and former Union Minister Shahnawaz Hussain on Thursday said that days of Nitish Kumar government in Bihar were numbered.

Hussain, while reacting to number of holidays in schools reduced recently in Bihar for the year 2024, told media persons that number of days of Nitish Kumar government was also numbered.

Sensing its short life, Nitish Kumar government had started taking decisions having no sense of wisdom and reasoning, he alleged.

BJP leader said that Nitish Kumar government had no concern for education of students of Bihar. There was no infrastructural facilities for schools in Bihar which made it difficult for students to get quality education, he remarked.

Shahnawaz said that huge number of vacancies of teachers in schools had made it almost impossible for students to get quality education. There was trace of imbalance in students and teachers in large number of schools, as there was no or far less number of teachers in schools where there were large number of students.

Similarly, schools having sufficient number of teachers, had no matching number of students, in accordance with accepted ratio, he pointed out.