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Hyderabad, Dec 18 – BJP National General Secretary and MP Bandi Sanjay Kumar has said the passports of BRS chief KCR’s family members and its top party leaders, who have “looted” people’s money, should be seized as there is a chance they may try to leave the country.
Sanjay, the former state BJP President, made this comment at a party parliamentary constituency office bearers meeting held at Karimnagar on Saturday.
On the occasion, Sanjay directed the party ranks on the programs to be undertaken by the party given the upcoming Parliament elections.
In the recent assembly elections in the state, the ruling BRS party faced debacle and the government in the state was formed by the Congress by securing a single majority of 64 seats out of 119 assembly constituencies while BJP won only 8 seats.
Except for KCR, his family members, BRS MLAs and ministers who were defeated were all involved in corruption and anarchy. People’s money was stolen. Their corruption should be exposed immediately, said Sanjay.
Action should be taken against them. Before that, the state government should seize all their passports, he demanded.
Along with them, while KCR was the CM and the cause of so many anarchies, the retired officers in the CMO “earned money and looted the people’s property” and destroyed Telangana. Their passports should also be seized as otherwise there is a possibility they could try to flee abroad, he said.
A Modi wind is blowing across the country and it is certain the BJP will come to power for the third time with 350 seats in the upcoming LS elections, he expressed confidence.
In the elections, there will be competition between Congress and BJP in Telangana, said Sanjay.
In a recent press conference in Hyderabad, State BJP President Kishan Reddy said the BJP will go it alone in the upcoming LS elections in Telangana.