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Jammu, Nov 27 – Apni Party President, Syed Mohammed Altaf Bukhari, addressed a One-Day Convention in Jammu, emphasizing the need to address public anger by restoring the democratic system in Jammu and Kashmir. He demanded the restoration of statehood and immediate Assembly elections. Bukhari criticized the government for sidelining local officers and importing officials from outside, leading to a decline in healthcare, education, and infrastructure in the region.

Expressing disappointment with the BJP-led government, he accused it of failing to fulfill promises made before the abrogation of special status. Bukhari highlighted the impact of outsiders grabbing resources and trades in Jammu, leading to the local population feeling cheated. He criticized the liquor and contractor’s mafia working with government officials.

Bukhari welcomed businessman Vishal Nariana and his supporters into the Apni Party, hoping their joining would strengthen the party in Jammu. He reiterated the unfulfilled promises of development and employment post the abrogation of special status. The party president pledged to recruit 6,000 doctors, fill vacant teaching positions, and provide needed infrastructure, emphasizing accountability and prompt resolution of public issues if the party comes to power.

Concerned about the security situation in Rajouri-Poonch, Bukhari appreciated the local population for their bravery and support to defense forces. He assured people that no land would be snatched from them and pledged to resist anti-encroachment drives displacing locals. The Apni Party aims to regularize land if it comes to power.

Senior Vice President Ghulam Hassan Mir criticized traditional political parties for dividing people based on region, religion, and class. He appealed to people to strengthen the party, emphasizing the common suffering of Jammu and Kashmir due to the absence of an elected government.

Vice President Choudhary Zulfkar Ali recalled the circumstances leading to the formation of the Apni Party post-August 5, 2019. He highlighted the denial of elections in Jammu and Kashmir for five years, contrasting with neighboring states. Ali expressed hope that people had pinned their aspirations on the Apni Party and its leader Altaf Bukhari.

Provincial President Jammu, Manjit Singh, outlined the challenges faced by people in the industrial sector, such as the employment of outsiders in violation of norms. He expressed hope that people had faith in the Apni Party’s agenda for equitable development, peace, prosperity, and employment.

In summary, Apni Party aims to address public anger by restoring statehood, conducting immediate Assembly elections, and focusing on local recruitment, development, and accountability. The party seeks to resist external influences, regularize land, and unite people across regions for the collective well-being of Jammu and Kashmir.