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Parbhani, Dec 9 – A 22-year-old youth murdered on Friday in Maharashtra’s Parbhani, police said.
Youth was shot dead with a pistol and stabbed with a sword by two unidentified persons came on a two-wheeler wearing a cloth over their faces on the grounds of Sri Gurubuddhiswamy College in Purna town in Parbhani district.

This thrilling incident took place on the afternoon of Friday has created a stir in the city.
According to the police, the name of the deceased youth in this incident is Akash Ganesh Kadam resident of Purna.

However, it is not clear why and who killed the young man.
The deceased youth had come to Sri Gurubuddhiswamy College area here on his unnumbered two-wheeler on today around 1:30 to 2:00 PM.
He was followed by two men with cloth tied to the trunks on another black bike with no number. Akash’s bike was seen lying there.

After that, the killers chased him at a short distance and stabbed him with swords on his neck, body and hands.
In this, Akash has died on the spot. As the news of the incident spread like wildfire in the city, a crowd of onlookers gathered at the spot.
As soon as the information is received, Purna police rushed to the spot and took possession of the dead body and conducted Panchama.

The pistol used by the killers, casing of the fired bullet, bicycle with no number, slippers have been found at the spot. They have been taken into custody by the police and a fingerprint expert and dog team have been called for further investigation.
Police teams have been dispatched to search for the accused, added Police.