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Lucknow, Dec 7 – Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath on Wednesday paid rich tributes to Architect of the Indian Constitution Dr Bhimrao Ramji Ambedkar on the occasion of his death anniversary and also recalled his contribution towards building modern India.

Describing Babasaheb as a great human and at the same time cautioning people against divisive forces, the Chief Minister said that the double-engine government is working towards realising Babasaheb’s dreams for the country.

He said, “Some people are currently trying to weaken the country by dividing the society. We have to be careful of such people.”

Yogi first offered floral tributes at Babasaheb’s statue at Atal Chowk in Hazratganj and then proceeded to Dr Ambedkar Mahasabha premises on Vidhan Sabha Marg.

Speaking on the thoughts of Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar, he said, “Babasaheb had stated that first and foremost we are all Indians. Today, some people criticize India and disrespect Indian identity. They engage in creating divisions in society in the name of caste. Such individuals truly disrespect Babasaheb.”

He mentioned that though Babasaheb was also lured with personal offers, he refused to bow down and continued to work for India and Indian identity. “Whenever there is discussion on uplifting the downtrodden anywhere in the world, Babasaheb Ambedkar’s name invariably comes to the mind”, Yogi said.

The CM said that both the central and state governments have taken several steps to realize Babasaheb’s dreams. The establishment of Babasaheb’s ‘Panch Teerth’ was carried out by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. “We worked not on the basis of caste, but on the basis of needs”, he said.

Yogi said that before 2014, having a house was just a dream. “Today, around 4 crore people in the country have got their own permanent houses and the government intends to provide houses to all those who are still without it. He said that whether in villages or cities, the government will provide housing to every Dalit, deprived, and poor person,” he said.

The Chief Minister said, “The campaign for every home to have a toilet has tackled the unsanitary practice of manual scavenging.”

According to Yogi, had the Covid pandemic occurred before 2014, the country would not have been able to control the devastation as the then government lacked vision.

In this context, he mentioned that encephalitis broke out in 1970, resulting in the deaths of 50,000 children, including mostly Dalit and minority community’s children in 40 years. But, to day the disease has been controlled successfully. Similarly, during Covid, under the Prime Minister’s leadership, every scheme was monitored, he pointed out.

The CM informed that the provision of ration to the poor, free testing, treatment, and vaccination were ensured and remarked that previously, governments had their own preference among people, with some supporting Dalits and others opposing them. Even those who claimed to support Dalits would exploit their name for personal gain, he pointed out.

Yogi further said, “The issues of Musahar, Vantangiya, Bahariya, Sahariya, Kol, and Chero were never addressed. Baba Saheb had suggested creating programs for their upliftment, but for 70 years, they were deprived of even the right to vote.”

The Chief Minister invited everyone present at the event to visit the Atal Residential Schools built for the children of labourers and see the arrangements made there. Discussing the Abhyuday Coaching initiative, he mentioned that it is preparing children of Dalit communities for competitive exams.