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Jammu,, Dec.01 – Jammu and Kashmir Lieutenant Governor, Manoj Sinha, spoke at the ‘Rising Jammu Kashmir’ Conclave, shedding light on the substantial development witnessed in the Union Territory under Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s guidance. The Lt. Governor emphasized the commitment to inclusive and sustainable growth, with a focus on industrialization, modern agriculture, and the empowerment of youth, farmers, and women. Sinha also underscored the determination to establish a fear-free and terrorism-free J&K, highlighting the successful dismantling of the ecosystem supporting conflict and terrorism. He expressed confidence that the upcoming decade would be a golden period for Jammu and Kashmir.

This statement came during the conclave organized by the Amar Ujala Group, where the Lt. Governor shared key initiatives taken by the UT Administration to enhance the quality of life for citizens. The acceleration of J&K’s all-round development and efforts to benefit all sections of society were prominent themes in his address.

Sinha highlighted the commitment to faster, inclusive, and sustainable growth, laying the foundation for industrialization, modern agriculture, and allied sectors to create new opportunities. He emphasized the administration’s resolve to create a conducive environment for citizens, fostering growth and progress.

Discussing the security scenario, Sinha noted that the administration has successfully dismantled the ecosystem supporting conflict, terrorism, and secessionist activities. He declared that terrorism is now breathing its last breath in the region, marking a significant achievement in ensuring peace and stability.

The Lt. Governor expressed optimism about the future, envisioning the next decade as a golden period for Jammu and Kashmir. The conclave brought together senior officers from the Civil and Police Administration, journalists, prominent personalities, and a large audience to engage in discussions about the region’s development and progress.