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Agartala, Dec 14 – In a move to boost the rural economy and ensure self-sufficiency in animal farming, the Tripura government launched two innovative schemes to encourage livestock-based activities, replicating the central government’s schemes for agriculture farmers.

The state’s animal resource development minister, Sudhangshu Das, said under the Mukhyamantri Prani Palak Sanman Nidhi scheme, the department would extend support of Rs 6000 to each of the animal farmers annually from the state plan, targeting to reduce the import of animal products.

Under the scheme, individuals engaged in animal husbandry with an annual income of less than Rs 2 lakh and possessing at least one dairy cow, 10 goats, or an improved breed of pig are entitled to get support.

“We have earmarked Rs 174 Cr for the current financial year, which will be distributed among 2900 hardcore livestock farmers by the last quarter of FY 2023–24,” Das said and added, under Mukhyamantri Prani Sampad Bikash Yojna, additional Rs 1300 will be supported to each of the 36053 poultry and duckery farmers.

He pointed out that the state government has undertaken multiple initiatives to narrow down the import dependency of animal products, including milk, meat, eggs, and fish, the demand for which has been increasing day by day, and there is scope for expanding entrepreneurship and business.

Apart from these, the government has other initiatives, including the Calf Growth Milk (CGM) Scheme, which provides subsidized feed for advanced breed calves, and the Compensation for Loss of Animal Resources and Birds scheme, which offers financial assistance of up to Rs 20,000 to each family in case of any unusual death.

“About 5400 female and 600 male calves born through Artificial Intelligence with sexed semen will be covered under the CGM scheme by means of providing a balanced ration for 10 months at a 50 percent subsidy on the cost of 240 kilogram food,” Das added.