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Vijayapura, Dec 6 – In a heart-wrenching incident in Vijayapura, seven laborers lost their lives when a massive processing machine collapsed, burying them under approximately 100 tonnes of corn in a private food processing unit’s godown on Monday evening. The industrial area of Aliabad witnessed the unfortunate event, prompting immediate rescue operations.

The godown, part of a private food processing unit, became a site of horror as the giant processing machine toppled, trapping the workers under a heap of corn. The bodies of the deceased were eventually recovered, while one person was successfully rescued. Fortunately, three other individuals sustained injuries but were not trapped under the massive pile of corn.

The incident triggered a search and rescue operation that extended from Monday evening to Tuesday morning. The local police were actively involved in the efforts to retrieve victims and provide assistance.

Vijayapura’s district incharge minister, MB Patil, expressed his condolences and announced compensation for the families affected by the tragedy. Each family of the deceased workers will receive Rs 7 lakh in compensation, with Rs 5 lakh contributed by the unit owner and the remaining amount provided by the state government.

The tragedy also resonated beyond state borders, as Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar expressed grief over the death of seven workers from Bihar. He announced an ex gratia of Rs 2 lakh for each of the deceased workers’ families and directed state officials to coordinate with their counterparts in Karnataka to facilitate the return of the bodies to Bihar.

The incident serves as a grim reminder of the challenges faced by laborers working in industrial settings and underscores the need for stringent safety measures to prevent such tragic accidents in the future. Investigations into the cause of the mishap are expected as authorities work to ensure accountability and prevent similar incidents in the future.