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Hyderabad, Dec 15 – Telangana Governor Dr Tamilisai Soundararajan on Friday said that her government will constitute a land commission to protect government lands in the state.

Addressing the members of both the Houses of Legislature assembled in the Assembly Hall here, Dr Tamilisai said that her government has observed that a majority of the complaints received under ‘Praja Vaani’ are land-related.

During the recent elections campaign, the government has promised to replace ‘ Dharani Portal’ and in its place, the ‘Bhumata Portal’ will be introduced, which will be transparent and solve all land-related issues.

“I am happy to inform you that very soon an action plan will be put in place in this regard”, she said.

The poor will be given rights to the 25 lakhs of land distributed by the previous Congress government as part of the land reforms programme, she said.

Our government will soon be launching an action plan to provide house sits to the homeless and give Rs 5 lakh financial assistance for the construction of houses under the ‘ Indiramma Housing Scheme”, she said Under this scheme, SCs and STs will get one lakh additional amount.