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Kolhapur, Dec 8 – In a recent press statement, Raju Shetty, the national president of Swabhimani Shetkari Sanghatana (SSS), vehemently urged the government to rescind the abrupt ban on ethanol production. Shetty contends that the decision, characterized as impulsive, poses a direct threat to farmers engaged in sugarcane cultivation.

The government’s decision, according to Shetty, stems from apprehensions about potential increases in sugar prices, particularly with the impending Lok Sabha election. He draws attention to the government’s prior encouragement of farmers to invest in ethanol projects through subsidies and interest concessions, which prompted significant financial commitments from sugar factory owners.

Shetty sees the sudden prohibition as a betrayal to both farmers and sugar factory owners who made substantial investments in ethanol projects. The move, he argues, will have a cascading effect on the sugarcane sector, further exacerbated by rising prices of chemical fertilizers, rendering production costs unaffordable for farmers.

To address the underlying issues impacting the sugarcane industry, Shetty advocates for immediate financial support from the government. He asserts that only by providing necessary assistance to sugarcane producers can the country witness an increase in sugar production.

In conclusion, Shetty calls for the prompt withdrawal of the ban on ethanol production, emphasizing the urgency of supporting farmers and safeguarding the interests of those involved in the sugar industry.