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Gangtok, Dec 16 – Sikkim Chief Minister PS Tamang was on Friday welcomed in Varanasi with cheers and slogans. “P S Tamang welcome to Modi’s Varanasi,” said a poster. Varanasi is Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Lok Sabha constituency. Tamang is on a two-day visit to Varanasi.

Tamang addressed the students at the Pyari Devi Inter College, according to information circulated by Government sources.

The CM said he was honoured to join Governor LP Acharya and the First lady of Sikkim,Kumud Devi, in the programme (at College) on ‘Mera Desh Meri Mati.Mera Vidyalaya. Tamang, has expressed gratitude to the Governor of Sikkim and also the organisinf members of Kalidas Shikshan Sansthan .

“I frequently draw inspiration from the profound cultural and educational legacy of this sacred city,” the chief minister said.
He described Varanasi as ‘ the sacred realm of Vishwanath Baba and Ganga Maiyya (Saint Vishwanath and the river Ganges).