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Sangareddy, Nov 27 – Former AICC president Rahul Gandhi remarked that the upcoming Telangana Assembly elections, scheduled for November 30, signify a decisive choice between the rule of the nobles and the rule of the people.

Addressing an election campaign meeting at Jogipet in Sangareddy district on Sunday, Rahul asserted, “The Congress party has played a role in the development of Hyderabad. I will expose how much KCR has exploited in the Kaleswaram project. The Kaleshwaram project is on the brink of failure due to KCR’s corruption. The sand and liquor businesses are controlled by the KCR family.

Around 20 lakh acres of land were grabbed through the Dharani portal. If students work hard for six months and then the exam paper leaks, it’s a disgrace. BRS MLAs stole three lakhs from each other in the Dalit Bandhu scheme. Our government is for Dalits, Adivasis, and the oppressed. Theirs has become an aristocratic government. Let me outline what a people’s government looks like.”

Rahul Gandhi claimed that Congress has surpassed BRS and BJP in Telangana, outlining six key priorities if the Congress comes to power. “Our initial decisions will include providing free bus facilities for women along with gas, 24-hour free electricity for farmers, 5 lakh rupees for those without houses, 250 yards of plots for the families of martyrs of the Telangana movement, and the establishment of an international-level school in every mandal.”

He criticized the alliance of BJP, BRS, and MIM in the Telangana assembly elections, noting that the central government filed 24 cases against him. Rahul highlighted the absence of ED and IT raids on BRS leaders, suggesting that it was due to the support of the Modi government. He alleged that KCR supports Modi in Lok Sabha, emphasizing their collaboration.