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Srinagar, Nov 27 – Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) President Mehbooba Mufti on Sunday urged the administration to provide an account of the hundreds of people arrested daily in Jammu and Kashmir.

“The repressive measures by various government agencies had made life, property and privacy of people insecure” Mehbooba alleges.

Addressing party workers at Noorabad Kulgam, she said even women were not spared. She was referring to an elderly lady having been arrested for money laundering.

Mehbooba said though countless people were arrested by agencies like NIA, CBI, SIA, SIU hardly any information was shared about their fate.

“Please tell us are they alive or dead, where are they lodged? Which court has remanded them to custody? “ she asked the LG administration.

She said “in spite of so many arrests there hardly was any conviction from the court as they all had been picked up on trumped up charges”. This should lead the administration to review its policies, she added.

Mehbooba said she or her party never sought power but the vision offered by Mufti Mohammad Sayeed is to bring J&K out of its misery and ensure a life of peace and dignity for its people.

She said more important than power is the moral strength and political will to speak up for people and their rights.

“I did not compromise on that even while heading the government with BJP. She said going into an alliance was a requirement not for power but to block its designs.. We did that successfully as long as it lasted. She said the BJP withdrew support to her government only after realising that we would implement our agenda of peace and development and would not go along the dotted line as they were used to”, she added.

Urging the people to lend their voice to the efforts for restoration of our rights, she said and added she’s not on a campaign for votes.

“Positions don’t matter to me but what matters is to speak up for our agenda and our people. I’ll never compromise on that, come what may”, she added.