Manoranjan’s father Devaraj

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Mysuru, Dec 14 – The parents of Manoranjan, who is involved in the security breach at Parliament, on Wednesday expressed shock over their son’s misdeed, and strongly condemned it but asserted his good behaviour and conduct.

“Great leaders like Mahatma Gandhi and Jawaharlal Nehru were behind building an institution like the Parliament, and I condemn such an intrusion into the temple of democracy by my son,” DEvaraj told reporters here.

Soon after receiving information about the involvement of Manoranjan from Mysuru, senior police personnel reached his house in the city and gathered information about him and his activities from his father.

“My son has never harmed anybody. He was very fond of reading and was interested in doing a lot of social work,” Devaraj said.

After completing his studies in agriculture, Manorajan used to accompany his father to the farms owned by him in Mallapura village in Hassan district’s Arakalgud taluk, where he would stay for about a week or fortnight, he said.

Devaraj also said that Manoranjan was frequenting between Bengaluru and Delhi, but not discussing the same with his family members. “I am confident my son neither has any bad habits, nor a part of any undesirable activities,” he said.

A video clipping which has gone viral, displays an unidentified man jumping from the visitor’s gallery of Lok Sabha, and thereupon confusion erupts among the Parliamentarians during Zero Hour of the winter session.

Responding to queries, Devaraj said his son is an admirer of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, and opined that the country is fortunate to have him as its Prime Minister.

Replying to a query, Devaraj said he does not find fault with BJP MP Pratap Simha for providing his son with a pass to enter the Parliament as he had given it witha good intention. “I have a good rapport with Pratap Simha, and one should not find fault with him for providing my son with a pass to enter Lok Sabha as he had given it for a good purpose, he said.

Earlier, the Congress party workers in Mysuru staged a protest in front of Simha’s office here, condemning the breach of security in the Parliament and holding Simha responsible for the incident as he gave Manoranjan the visitor’s pass.

Manoranjan’s mother said her son left Mysuru about two to three days ago to Bengaluru and added he did not like taking up a job. Moreover, Manoranjan is a silent person and does not have many friends, she said.

The mother also said she learnt about her son’s involvement in the incident only from the television channels.

Manoranjan is 33 years old, and an engineering graduate, besides a resident of Mysuru.