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New Delhi, Dec 20 – A day after 45 MPs were suspended from the House for their alleged misconduct, Rajya Sabha on Tuesday again saw massive disruptions with opposition MPs refusing to budge from their demand seeking Home Minister Amit Shah’s statement on the Parliament security breach.

The continued protests and sloganeering led to adjournments of the Upper House twice before the lunch time. It met at 2 PM after lunch but was adjourned moments later amid protests by Opposition MPs.

Escalating pressure on the government, suspended MPs sat on the stairs of the new Parliament’s Makar Dwar and continued their protests. Trinamool Congress Lok Sabha MP Kalyan Banerjee was seen mimicking Rajya Sabha Chairman Dhankhar.

As soon as the House reconvened at 2 PM, Dhankhar strongly disapproved the actions of the members mimicking the Chair and making video of it. He termed it as a very serious issue.

“Hon’ble members, I have adjourned the House. You are not aware of the kind of response that is against this institution in the mind of the people and we had the occasion to see the lowest level,” he said after announcing adjournment of the House.

“Mr Chidambaram is here. Mr Chidambaram you are a very senior member. Imagine what must be going through my heart when your senior leader videographs a Member of Parliament mocking the Institution of Chairman, as an individual take on me.”

“Don’t take on my background as a farmer, don’t take on my background as community member. Institution of Chairman has been ravaged and that too by a political party that has gone far so long that a Member of Parliament, a senior one, videographs the other member. For what?” he further said.

He added before adjourning the House for the third time till 3 PM, “Mr Chidambram, your party put a video which was withdrawn later on. That was shame to me. You used official Twitter (X) handle of the spokesperson to demean me, insult me, insult my background as a farmer, my position as a Jat, insult my position as a Chairman.”