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Srinagar, Dec 11 – National Conference Vice President Omar Abdullah said on Sunday that he was eagerly waiting for the Supreme Court of India to announce the decision on Article 370.

“We are eagerly waiting for the day …our emotions are still the same and have pinned hopes for justice, Omar told media persons in north Kashmir’s Baramulla district on Sunday.

He said the Chief Justice, along with four other judges, will announce the decision on Articles 370 and 35A on Monday (tomorrow), and he has pinned hopes for the justice.

When asked if the decision did not go in our favor, what would be his reactions, Omar said, “I am not believing in “ifs” and “buts”’ you are saying that if the decision did not go in our favor, and I will say if it went in our favour…both things are possible. Let the decision come, and we will talk.”

The former Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister said that nobody today could say what the decision would be from the Judges of the Supreme Court on Article 370.

Replying to another question, Omar said…”We regret..they (authorities) should believe in the people of Jammu and Kashmir. When people of Jammu and Kashmir did not take the law and order in their hands for the past 4 years, not in 2019, 2020, and today, when all the people are angry over the happenings in Gaza, even people today are taking decisions sensibly and not trying to disturb the peace”.

“People will not disturb peace even after the decision on Articles 370 and 35A will be announced” he said.

There is no need for police to pick up the people as a precautionary measure; rather they should believe in them, he said.