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Mumbai, Nov 28 – Maharashtra Pradesh Congress Committee (MPCC) president Nana Patole raised concerns about the establishment of the Justice Sandeep Shinde committee, questioning its necessity after objections from a senior minister. Patole urged the BJP government to clarify its stance on the reservation issue and promptly initiate a caste-based census.

Speaking at the party’s headquarters in Mumbai, Patole questioned the rationale behind appointing the Justice Shinde committee when the Justice Nirgude committee was already addressing the matter. He emphasized that objections from a senior minister suggested potential issues with the committee.

Highlighting the Supreme Court’s rejection of Justice Gaikwad’s committee report on Maratha reservation, Patole accused the tripartite government of complicating the entire reservation matter. He further alleged that the government was intentionally fostering discord between the Maratha and OBC communities.

Calling for a clear stance from the BJP government on reservation, Patole demanded the immediate commencement of a caste-based census. He pointed out that Bihar and Chhattisgarh had already conducted such censuses and sought an explanation for the delay in Maharashtra.