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Thiruvananthapuram, Dec 1 – The much-anticipated Global Science Festival Kerala (GSFK) is all set to unveil a breathtaking marvel – the ‘Museum of the Moon’ exhibition by celebrated British installation artist Luke Jerram.

This unparalleled showcase of scientific wonder and artistic finesse promises to offer an immersive encounter with the lunar sphere on the night of December 5 at Kanakakkunnu premises here.

The ‘Museum of the Moon’ exhibition, a masterpiece conceived by Luke Jerram, will unveil a colossal lunar model spanning a remarkable 23 feet in width.

This awe-inspiring installation, created from meticulously compiled photographs of the moon taken by the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter camera, promises an unparalleled glimpse into the lunar surface.

Combining the realms of science and art, this exhibition marks the splendid inauguration of the Global Science Festival, slated to occur in January at the Bio 360 Life Sciences Park in Thonnakkal.

Revealing the hidden mysteries of the moon, this seven-meter-diameter lunar sphere will be prominently displayed at the height of a three-story building. Illuminated from within, the exhibition will simulate the moon’s radiance, providing an enchanting and ethereal experience akin to gazing at Earth’s celestial neighbour.

The exhibition will also feature a bespoke musical composition by acclaimed BAFTA award-winning composer Dan Jones, further enhancing the immersive ambiance.

The inauguration ceremony, scheduled for 5 pm, will be done by the finance minister and Chairman of the Organizing Committee of Global Science Festival Kerala, K.M. Balagopal, alongside the renowned artist Luke Jerram, Mayor Arya Rajendran, and VK Prashanth MLA.

The exhibition will continue until the early hours of the morning, offering visitors a rare opportunity to behold the moon in a unique and captivating manner. The exhibition will also be part of the one-month-long GKSF.

The Kerala Department of Science and Technology (KSSTE) and Amuseum Art Science are jointly organizing the Global Science Festival Kerala from January 15 to February 15 at the Bio 360 Life Science Park in Thonnakkal.

The festival’s theme is ‘Life Science,’ and it promises to be a significant event with an extensive curated science exhibition.

A pavilion spanning 2.5 lakh square feet is under construction on 20 acres of land provided by KSIDC for this purpose.

The GSFK has garnered extensive support from prestigious institutions and organizations, both national and international.

Collaborators include the German and US Consulates, the British Council, the Smithsonian Institution in the USA, the Cal Sagan Institute, the UK Science Museum, Kerala Technical University, Digital University, ISER, the Visvesvaraya Industrial & Technological Museum in Bangalore, the Kerala Startup Mission, the Kerala Sastra Sahitya Parishad, and many more.