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Mumbai, December 5, 2023: In a significant stride against drug-related crimes, the Mumbai Police have reported the arrest of 206 drug dealers and the confiscation of drugs valued at over Rs 48 crores so far this year. The law enforcement agency has registered approximately 98 cases related to drug offenses, with a particular emphasis on crimes involving the drug mephedrone (MD).

Among the cases, around 65 were linked to the possession of MD, resulting in the arrest of 168 drug dealers. The seized MD is estimated to be worth over Rs 30 crores, reflecting the scale and impact of the city’s efforts to combat drug trafficking.

In recent operations, the Mumbai Police’s Bandra Unit conducted a successful raid in Gaondevi, Andheri’s Dongri, on Saturday (December 2). Three individuals were apprehended with 30 grams of mephedrone (MD) valued at Rs 6 lakh. Another raid in Jogeshwari West on Sunday led to the arrest of one person and the recovery of 30 grams of MD costing Rs 6 lakh.

The relentless efforts to curb the drug trade in Mumbai also saw the arrest of four individuals and the seizure of drugs worth Rs 12 lakh in Andheri and Jogeshwari. The operations send a clear message about the city’s commitment to maintaining law and order and safeguarding its communities.

The accused individuals are currently in police custody, and the Mumbai Police continue to work towards creating a safer and drug-free environment for residents. The crackdown underscores the importance of ongoing efforts to tackle the menace of drug trafficking and ensure the well-being of the city’s residents.