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Mumbai, Oct 26: Maharashtra Pradesh Congress Committee (MPCC) president Nana Patole on Wednesday censured the ruling Bhartiya Janata Party (BJP) over issue of reservation, claiming that the issue of reservation will not be solved unless this government is thrown out of power.
Talking to reporters here, he alleged that the BJP government in the state and at the Centre has come to power by lying to the public and making false promises.

He said that before coming to power in 2014, BJP has had promised reservation to the Maratha, Tribal, Dhangar, Halba and OBC communities.
Despite being in power for 10 years now, BJP has not been able to keep this promise, he charged and noted that the reservation issue is intensifying in the state due to their attempt to create strife within different communities.

He said that there is a huge outcry against BJP in all these sections of society, but the government does not understand the public sentiment.
The MPCC chief accused the BJP government both at the Centre and in the state of being blind, deaf and mute.
He said that the government had sought a month’s time from Manoj Jarange-Patil ,but he gave them 40 days and this deadline has also expired.
But the government could not solve the reservation issue and Jarange-Patil is on a hunger strike yet again, he said.
It has once again shown that the government is not serious about giving reservation to any community, Patole added.