Home minister K Sapdanga

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Aizawl, Dec 12 – Newly inducted home minister K Sapdanga indicated on Monday that tackling the rampant drug trafficking in Mizoram would be his government’s top priority.

“The government of Mizoram will put in utmost efforts to curb crimes and eliminate drug trafficking in the state which have been rampant in recent past,” Sapdanga said as he assumed office.

Sapdanga emphasised the imperative for the police to enhance their strategies in order to keep pace with increasingly cunning criminals.

“I am not here as home minister to dictate, I am here to work with you and alongside you, so that the drug menace can be terminated and checked at the source,” he said.
“In order to achieve that goal, we must all come together as a team to make a sea-change so that Mizoram becomes a safer place for the people today and for generations to come,” he said.
Law enforcement agencies in Mizoram seized 142.496 grams of heroin from January to November this year.